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Nilka high black bee products processing, research and development project
5000/Ten Thousand
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Located deep Tianshan Nilka, especially Tamboura Kashi River, covering an area of ​​600 mu, vast grasslands, cool climate, abundant rainfall, there are more than 160 rare species of Wild flowers, more than 80 species of wild Chinese herbal medicine It is the development of beekeeping natural shrine, known as known as the library of honey. "Twelve Five" period, Nilka County 2-3 50 square kilometers will be built over the standardization black bee breeding base, to declare the establishment of a national Xinjiang (ILI) black bee nature reserve. By 2015, the county's 50,000 bees group, of which 20,000 black bee population group.

Chinese Institute of bees, experts say, the reason why bee Xinjiang black consumers, because large black bee body, with a strong ability to fly and disease resistance to cold, can go very far away to collect rare nectar source. In addition, the Ili Valley natural grasslands have thyme, oregano, Sweet, Western Codonopsis, licorice, wild mint and more than 100 species of rare wild nectar plants to create a variety of green properties and natural ingredients Ili bee.

In 1980, the Government of the Xinjiang region that includes La Prairie Mesnil 克唐 not Ili River Valley, including setting up black bee nature reserve. Relevant departments of the Ministry of Agriculture not later Tang La Prairie study presented in this building Xinjiang black bee National Nature Reserve to protect the Ili River Valley's black bee variety is not alienated alien species. Currently, the county government has submitted an application report the Ministry of Agriculture.
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