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Xinjiang Hongshanzui port construction project
20000/Ten Thousand
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Project Analysis
Returned with the resurgence of Russia's economy in recent years, people's income increasing, also led to the market for all kinds of mechanical and electronic products, leather products, the demand of building materials and other light industrial products, product manufacturing high quality development in our country makes the products have strong market competitiveness and product exports in the future there will be a substantial growth, Russia's rich wood and mineral resources in our country also has a broad market space, predictably, with the continuous development of our county port infrastructure and port is open to a third country, our county to port as the center of the development of export-oriented economy will achieve a qualitative leap development.
Project Briefing
Hongshanzui land transport (road) crossings Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is located in the northeast, Fuhai County Altai middle, 240 km from Fuhai County, 180 kilometers from the city of Altay, Mongolia border line to two kilometers. East and Mongolia Bayan Ulgii province bordering Zagreb County race, 180 kilometers from the provincial capital of Bayan Ulgii Ulgii city, 160 km from Zagreb county tournament, exit from Hongshanzui to Mongolia ocean port 12 km. Hongshanzui port clearance has been adjusted to 120 days, through the improvement of water supply, electricity and other infrastructure facilities, port core capacity building and clearance conditions continue to improve.

Plans to build port border trade market, an area of 10,000 square meters; import and export freight yard customs supervision, covering 30,000 square meters, the throughput of 5,000 tons; building roads and other infrastructure construction of ports and related office and residence. While Hongshanzui port as a tourist attraction planning and construction, to promote tourism development in Alxa spa, butterfly Spring Valley like.
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