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Project name
Chengcheng city yao kiln site culture ecological construction project
15000/Ten Thousand
Project Cooperation
A joint venture
Project Analysis
Project Briefing
A, project organizer: chengcheng style, NHK
Second, the project content: the project construction content is divided into four parts: head to yao kiln site scope of protection and construction zone as the core to construct four functional areas, including site reserve, folk crafts business district, leisure resort area, culture and yao head ceramics museum.
Four, with a total investment of 150 million yuan.
Five report, market forecast and investment analysis: the project is to develop, will open the new situation of our county tourism development, and on the above, fast into the weinan become connected whitewater changjie temple, south of pucheng ling bridge in northern, eastern YangQia sichuan wetland tourist route of a new growth pole, weinan tourism the important historical status and social value will lead the national and even worldwide sensation and attention, it is not hard to imagine that when the tourists around the area, the entire scenic area presents a boom of visitors, traffic.
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