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Project name
Tongguan County tailings comprehensive utilization project
20000/Ten Thousand
Project Cooperation
Joint venture
Project Analysis
Project Briefing
1. Project Sponsor: Tongguan County of Foreign Trade and Economic Development Corporation
2, the project construction conditions: Xiaoqinling Tongguan gold mining area located in the small Qinling, is a famous gold to mine, after years of exploration, has now produced 60 million tons of tailings, as smelting technology constraints in the tailings gold and other metals has not been fully utilized, the great reproduction value.
3, the project: the use of advanced technology leakage gold cyanidation process to extract gold and other precious metals from the tailings.
4, the total investment of 200 million yuan.
5. Market Forecast and ROI Analysis: put into the annual processing 3 million tons of tailings, output will reach 600 million yuan, payback period of 5 years.
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