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Project name
Tongguan JiangCaiChang industrialized production expansion project
1510/Ten Thousand
Project Cooperation
Joint venture
Project Analysis
Project Briefing
1, the project organizer: tongguan county industry to do business
2, the project construction conditions: tongguan pickles has been reviewed by general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine as "national geographical indication protection products".Long local culture gives the product characteristic, with its ", glittering and translucent and bright colour and lustre is red yellow and fresh fragrance, sweet and crisp, "which are favor of gourmet at home and abroad, and become a local visit friends and relatives will belt, traveling merchants will try a local specialty.
3, project content: newly built workshop 500 square meters, the purchase of laboratory equipment, cranes, bottle washing machine, beater, pulping machine, automobile, steam boiler, such as production equipment, to achieve the scale of 2000 tons of annual production pickles.
4, the total amount of investment and cooperation method: the total investment of 15.1 million yuan, has now completed the upfront investment of 2.1 million yuan, to foreign investment of 13 million yuan, operate in the way of joint venture.
5, the market forecast and return analysis: after the project put into production, annual production of various kinds of pickles 2000 tons, profits of 2029 yuan per ton, the profit for the year to achieve 5 million yuan, the investment return period is expected to 2 years.
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