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Project name
The south industrial park of railway construction projects
189000/Ten Thousand
Project Cooperation
Joint venture
Project Analysis
Transport costs 38.84 million yuan in 2025, the unit cost of 0.2915 yuan/tonkilometers, total transportation costs of 2035 61.87 million yuan, unit cost 0.1709 yuan/tonkilometers, the average rate is lower than 0.25 yuan/ton-km.The project financial evaluation main indicators, financial internal rate of return of 3.37% after tax, investment payback period is 23.9 years.
Project Briefing
Railway construction through the south industrial park yining county and county was found, and the essence of the huo railway he stood open derivation, southwest across the ili river valley area, across the ili river to the south industrial park, west railway station, the 67.4 km line.

Trunk line, 67.4 km to open the station 3 (jing yi huo railway he open to guangzhou east station, the new park, park west railway station, two middle station), the reserved middle station 1 (stand) in the park, the reserved will let stand 1 (the Talmud station);67.4 km trunk track-laying and standing line laying length 12.15 km, bifurcation 27 groups.The analysis: the project is completed, cherry farmers skills PeiXunLv reached 80%, good penetration rate reached 100%.After reaching is entirely, with an annual output of 150000 tons of cherry, realize productive income reached 3 billion yuan, increase farmers' income is 1.5 billion yuan.

The south industrial park planning will be completed important modern coal chemical industry demonstration area of xinjiang, the implementation of this project to promote the new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, played a key role in promoting great-leap-forward development.
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