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Well-known economist, Mr. Zhou Dewen Chairman of Board of Directors of the Asian-African country voted signature site near the new book, "Who is doing Bureau of the Chinese economy," presented the guests.
Although only FFC (Beijing Fortune Financial Center) 2F clubhouse a small party, but many well-known media gathered, popular full. The event's media scene has CCTV, Central People's Broadcasting Station, China Business Times, and yes, China Economic Information, The Economic Observer, China Enterprise News, Enterprise Observer newspaper, the Guangming Daily, a new era of American TV, Sina, Netease China Youth Daily and other 28 media, the Japanese television network China Administration for full coverage by the camera, in addition to the Asian-African strategic partnership SDIC - longevity International Group, Zhejiang Ding gifted group, to bridge Mozambique, South Sudan and the DRC and other African representatives, representatives from Beijing, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, attended as a special guest.

The following section is taken from the contents of the book: "Who is doing Bureau of China's economy," tells you a hundred years of conspiracy
In March 2015, by the famous economist Zhou Dewen, independent researcher Xie setting sun with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Central Party School Zhou Tianyong, deputy director of a referral order, Zhejiang University Press published "Who is doing Bureau of China's economy," the official publication.
Foreign capital, corporate, layout in China almost to the all-pervasive proportions. They will affect the layout of the macro trend of China's economic and even political direction, it will affect the people of the micro daily life, employment and investment, and so on. Rational thinker, nationalist sentiments are even "soy sauce" Cock wire their separate ways, without exception, concern foreign capital and companies in China in the end what kind of role play.
Foreign capital, the relationship between business with China, the media, academia, and civil society networks most topics, one of the most controversial areas. Due to the influence and knowledge in the field of national sentiment, a considerable part of the reader to "do bureau China 'understanding flow in the mood with the surface. This book from the perspective of the global game, rational analysis of the impact and challenges of foreign capital, business development for China.
The book tells the reader there was a conspiracy, continued for centuries, trying to get China into a first-class from the weak first-class power. There are many participants in this monstrous conspiracy, down is to cover up China's economic rise, quietly layout:
Since when exactly, appeared on our land so much foreign control of industry, Chinese food, China's resources, all of China's state-owned enterprises ...... China seems to have is not ours? Reform and opening up the road in fear, we actually made a number of errors?
Faced with hundreds of years of war experienced Western companies, Chinese local enterprises like a newborn baby, in the western companies offensive to the vast Chinese market to hand over;
Various kinds of layout, not only to penetrate into China's macroeconomic trend, still solidly hit a Fanmin people's happiness index. As Chinese prices continued to rise, terminal sales prices soared, people fall happiness, but it is at the same time, the company also profits increasingly thin, sale of part of occupied suppliers and interests of the people, back when we find These stores not long ago in the Chinese people's grasp.
General Bureau of books will do the external environment facing China separately, and this book will be China's internal and external integration, to build a huge potential diagram China economic crisis. In the book emphasizes foreign capital by means of public relations, publicity, etc., to change the Chinese people's consumption habits radically, killing local businesses, eliminate China's domestic business to foreign companies to resist, to show a new perspective. The war economy habit extends to the war, the war enterprise, consumer battle, refreshing.
Zhou German book author, senior economist, deputy director of the Association of the Central Economic Committee, president of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, vice president of China Association of SMEs in Wenzhou SME Development Association president; Wenzhou native of Chinese Private Economy and the "Wenzhou model", one of "Wenzhou capital" development of well-known experts. Published "Crazy yuan," "Wenzhou sample", "financing Password", "national brand Smith Barney fifteen years", "read the Wenzhou capital," "out of the doldrums," "SMEs how to do? "," SME crisis management and risk prevention "," Wenzhou century classic, "" Wenzhou businessmen cutting-edge, "" Reading Wenzhou model "and other works, and audiovisual works.
The second author of this book, the independent investigator, had been to learn the United States, long-term focus on macroeconomics, monetary policy, China has written books championship standings book "Who in short China", Xinhua recommend reading the book "BRIC" and other books.