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Wenzhou, a pioneer in China's private economy and the citizenry, the growth of wealth in this fertile soil and entrepreneurs, also grow with theory and economists, is to study and Zhou German Wenzhou economy "not around the past the object." As deputy director of the Central Economic Committee of the Association, president of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, Wenzhou SME Development Association president, whenever there is any new national policy, what new trends in the industry, media reporters always like to throw the question to him, Listen to the views of Zhou Yuanchang; enterprise encounter any problem, what difficult issues, like Zhou Dewen come and see what can President Zhou solutions. Premier Wen Zhou Dewen was hailed as "the most authoritative spokesman in Wenzhou, Wenzhou is the entrepreneur as" private capital to the spokesperson, the patron saint of SMEs. "
Four decades of life planning Wenzhou, "private capital spokesperson"
"Teaching ten years, ten years to set up businesses, social services a decade, he wrote books years" spiral four years, which is ZhouDeWen life plan.
80s of last century, Zhou German university after graduation from Zhejiang Jiangshan assigned to teach Wenzhou University, which is ZhouDeWen investigation shine decade. His "Theory of the appropriate separation of ownership and management rights," and "On joint-stock cooperative enterprises in Wenzhou Issues," and later "on the new Wenzhou model", "Interpretation of Wenzhou businessmen", "Wenzhou century classic," " Wenzhou businessmen happening "and other works at the time extensive influence, the history of economic research in Wenzhou a different kind of scenery.
Attracted by the tide of reform and opening up, ZhouDeWen abandon the sea, he invited to serve as the general manager of a group of Wenzhou. In business practice, ZhouDeWen deeply understand the difficult, confusing and needs Wenzhou enterprise development. After operating in the field from the first line to exit, to SMEs and encouraging fuel, the development of services for SMEs, the most intense weeks German sense of social responsibility. In Zhou Dewen unremitting efforts, and actively organize the country's first mission to promote the development of SMEs in the social group - Wenzhou SME Development Association (hereinafter referred to as "Association") was born in the last century, Zhou German welcomed by He was elected president.
This is a very dynamic platform, save business needs, solve business trapped. Therefore, a lot of difficulties of SMEs in Wenzhou, the first thought is, "Association." Zhou German said, "the existing more than 40 million SMEs in Wenzhou, when they encounter difficulties, damage to the interests of time, always need someone to speak for them." Responsibility as a pull out machine, he began to take the Wenzhou "private capital spokesperson," the . When crossing the century, Zhou German Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC proposal by the "Wenzhou economic development environment complaint center" signs linked to the municipal government. Back in 2000, Zhou German Wenzhou also initiated and jointly Chamber of Commerce, to build the Wenzhou SME Credit Guarantee Investment Limited; and independent businesses to build a silver letter Wenzhou company loan guarantees. For SMEs to provide billions of dollars in loan guarantees. Wenzhou city government has come up with 20 million yuan of special funds, aid has the potential of SMEs. At present, "Association" has become the largest civil society organizations in Wenzhou, membership has more than 2,000 people.
Zhou Dewen efforts made for the development of SMEs has been affirmed parties. External Coordination Centre NDRC SME International Cooperation Association of SMEs in China awarded him the "China Special Contribution Award for SMEs"; Zhou Dewen won the "impact of reform and opening up, China's top ten economic figures," "Harmonious China 2007 Top Ten People" and many other awards, in 2008 China's private economy Ten Person of the Year. 2008, Zhou German topped the first 15, "China Youth" Cover; August 17, 2010, "People's Daily" to "conscience Zheng turned into words," the title story of Zhou German illustrated story.
The private cries, "Let SMEs to become China's economic potential shares"
Difficult for SME development, shortcomings, confused and needs, with deeply ZhouDeWen sense. In his view, the national economy chain, SMEs are the main force, should allow SMEs to become potential shares of Chinese economy.
After 2003, the national macro-control policies implemented, long-term efforts to study Zhou German private economy and the "Wenzhou model" study, boldly predicted a number of changes in the national economy at the macro, micro, the results have been verified. By the end of 2007, the US financial crisis triggered by the global economic turmoil, Zhou German predicted: in 2008 China's economic development will appear larger landslide, Chinese SMEs will survive into trouble, China's real estate market crisis, small and medium real estate companies will go bankrupt a larger area. The March 28, 2008, China Central Television interview, Zhou German bluntly: "...... Wenzhou more than 30 million SMEs, 20% in the suspension or semi-shutdown condition ......"
A broadcast judgment, reacted strongly. Many domestic media have to "20%" as a title, be reproduced and reprocessing. For a time, Zhou German became the focus, while in 2008 the economy fully confirms Zhou German prophecy, which caused great repercussions in the community.
As an outspoken scholar Zhou Dewen was never about personal honor, success and failure, by virtue of their wealth of theoretical knowledge and insight, Zhou German Wenzhou SME for the problems, many accurate predictions, not only caused great repercussions media time and again to expand the country's influence in Wenzhou and their visibility, but also attracted the attention of the center, a batch of senior officials, scholars have come to Wenzhou research study, and then, one designed to support SME development policy began to float out of the water.
Zhou Dewen important contribution to the country based on long-term care and SMEs made, July 24, 2008, Zhou German Association for Promoting Democracy Central Committee issued an Acknowledgement letter - "Recently, the central forum held by the central non-Party people, General Secretary Hu Jintao on the current economic situation people outside hear opinions and suggestions. Yan Jun Qi chairman, speaking on behalf of the Association ...... some articles you provide central, information has become an important reference of statements. idiopathic this letter to thank. "
"Throws his findings, I do not want grandstanding, but to the government be prepared to continue to enhance the sense of strengthening research, real understanding of the living conditions of the enterprise, to help companies develop a number of policies out of the woods in terms of taxation give appropriate preferential initiative to help enterprises solve problems, urging healthy development of enterprises. "While the research results and respect themselves onto the cusp, but ZhouDeWen safeguard the interests of SMEs, to study the spread of Wenzhou spirit, to promote the" new Wenzhou model "build, he day overload, walk in political and economic circles ,, no regrets, music is not he.
Urged the Wenzhou financial reform, "the prelude to China's financial reform has already started"
March 28 this year, the State Council to establish comprehensive financial reform pilot area of ​​Wenzhou city, and identified 12 major tasks regulate the development of private financing, to accelerate the development of new financial organizations. For all this, Zhou German was very pleased, because it contains his efforts and wisdom.
Early in 2009, Zhou German to shout: vigilance industrial hollowing trend spread. At that time a large number of capital flight Industries in Wenzhou. Many entrepreneurs from the platform to industrial capital in the bank spent all buy, buy mining investment and so on. A large number of firms moving, relocation, or even move to go abroad.
In Zhou Dewen view, with the further development of the state's economic reforms, the country because of the real estate bubble caused by accumulation tightening monetary policy, originally dragged into the black hole of capital chain collapse at any time on the financing difficulties of SMEs. To this end, he cries: Wenzhou financial reform, is imminent.
"Industrial appetite is now the main problem Wenzhou entrepreneurs confidence index fell, industry profits have slipped to the edge of loss, we hope the Government will introduce more policies to guide private capital to return to industry." Zhou German told reporters she said. He believes that the financial reform in Wenzhou should find a breakthrough at least three ways:
The first is the legalization of private lending. The second is really true to allow private capital into the financial services sector. The third is foreign direct investment, personal capital.
So, what is a sign of the success of financial reform? Zhou German believes that from a business point of view, mainly to see if I can break the SME financing, financing your problem. If, after three to five years, financing for SMEs in Wenzhou that is not so difficult, but also significantly reduce the cost of financing, our reform will be successful.
However, Zhou German said that although the mandate of the "State Council 12 financial reform" are rather vague, but this just gave space Wenzhou reform. "Reform of the 12 tasks we do not each have done well, but we have to choose several major breakthrough, or some experience in some areas and lessons to learn from the country provided financial reform."
Zhou Dewen repeatedly stressed that the financial reform of the whole society must actively participate in the financial reform, this will have a real effect. By actively promote financial reform across the country, we do report positive financial reform, to guide the establishment of a number of financial institutions, such as the establishment of private investment service center, private lending registration service center, a non-listed equity trading center, etc., via Wenzhou take the lead in efforts to promote the copy to the country, this is the Wenzhou financial reform most important.
Today, a new round of Wenzhou financial reform has been more than six months, a strong push in the municipal government of Wenzhou, the tasks of financial reform are moving forward. In the lead in the establishment of private lending service center, we have begun to guide private capital in an orderly manner for registration. Although the forward difficult, but in any case, as Zhou German said, China's financial reform has opened the prelude, but this is an inevitable trend.
By the Prime Minister as "the most authoritative spokesman for the Wenzhou"
For the public, ZhouDeWen most talked about was when he was Premier Wen Jiabao hailed the "Wenzhou most authoritative spokesman." That was a year ago, in 2011 destined for SMEs in Wenzhou, is a thrilling year, artificial rose, rose electricity, raw materials have gone up, interest on bank loans up ......, skyrocketing production costs allow traditional manufacturing enterprises bitter unspeakable, difficult, many small and medium enterprises shut down, some of the business owners, "on foot", "jumping" ......
A strong sense of mission to speak out at the beginning of the year to make ZhouDeWen: "Save the small and micro enterprises, help traditional manufacturing SME loan difficult problem to solve, reduce taxes for SMEs!!"
After September, Zhou German prediction gradually been confirmed reality. Given the existence of private lending risk situation of SMEs and the outbreak of severe sexual, October 4 afternoon, Premier Wen Jiabao brought leadership of relevant ministries presided over a meeting in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, to listen, Wenzhou City, reports on the situation with regard to the development of SMEs. Zhou Dewen how he never imagined that he really into the plight of Premier Wen Jiabao to the status of SMEs in Wenzhou Zhijian.
As academic representatives, face Premier Wen Zhou German SME frankly analyze the reasons for the crisis, and put breath five suggestions: First, the direct tax cuts for SMEs; the second is to speed up the pace of financial opening up; the third is plus Large investment and financing system reform; Fourth deregulate national macro-control policy; Fifth proposal the State Council General Administration of SMEs.
Recalled the scene that day seminars during the meeting, Zhou Dewen still remember: I was very excited at that time, saw Premier Wen Jiabao at the meeting listened attentively my speech, and take notes, I would calm a lot. Premier Wen listened to my proposal, article by article review, in which the "tax cuts for small and medium enterprises," the proposal, endorse, when he said that not only tax cuts, but also to reduce costs, to lighten the burden on enterprises.
For the "new 36" implementation issues, Premier Wen Jiabao was using the "glass doors, spring door" to describe the barriers of private capital into the key economic sectors in the encounter and asked relevant departments to organize led the development of "new 36" The implementation details.
Turning to the current direction of macroeconomic policy issues, Premier Wen Jiabao said, control prices, price stability maintenance remains to be done, will still insist on the current sound tight macroeconomic policies.
Speaking generally represents only 15 minutes, while Zhou German told a full half-hour, continuous dialogue with the Prime Minister during. After the end of his speech, the Prime Minister Comments: "You systematically put forward policy recommendations to address the difficulties of SMEs, you are Wenzhou most authoritative spokesman."
October 2011, support for small micro-enterprise development "nine countries' investigation after Premier Wen Jiabao returned to Beijing, within a week will come to the introduction into the five proposals ZhouDeWen content, resolutely and unprecedented, which makes ZhouDeWen pleased that his He called for "hope that the Government and social concerns at all levels of SMEs, especially small and micro enterprises real survival situation, to give more care and support", and finally got the attention of the central leadership and response.
The most ground gas Economist "hold together SMEs to survive."
Zhou Dewen long engaged in economic theory and practice of business management, follow-up study Wenzhou model to explore solving problems existing in China's economic development, China is committed to helping SMEs to break all kinds of development bottleneck, Zhejiang Province, China Private Economy Development Study and the "Wenzhou one of the famous expert mode ". All this makes ZhouDeWen become the most ground gas economist, and his theory also has the operability.
Over the years, Zhou German had published in various newspapers across the country hundreds of academic papers, published "Wenzhou sample" (upper and lower volumes), "Transformation: SMEs how to do? "" Out of the doldrums "," SME management and risk prevention "," financing Password "," crazy renminbi "," Wenzhou Great Transformation "," foot: usury crisis, "" the most cattle investors, "" the most Cattle buy off "," Wenzhou financial reform - Pathfinder Chinese financial reform road "and many other works, these works and his enlightening insights make ZhouDeWen day high academic and major colleges and universities at home and abroad reputation day. Japan, the United States and Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, China Europe Business School and other universities to give lectures to go first to invite Zhou Dewen, to take this opportunity, Zhou German Wenzhou model and the Chinese private economy in China propaganda around the world.
January this year, China's GDP is expected ZhouDeWen will continue to decline, continuing downward trend last year. Two months later, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's government work report, in 2012 GDP growth of 7.5%. This is China's gross domestic product (GDP) growth target for the first time in eight years less than 8%.
   In this regard, Zhou German believes, in line with the true state of the current economy. He stressed that the economy downturn, will give SMEs greater pressure to survive, need all levels of government, the real SMEs can develop an enabling policy, especially tax cuts, reduce costs, reduce the pressure on him, the other It can really help SMEs solve financing difficulties difficult. Otherwise, the living conditions for SMEs this year, even more difficult than last year.
At the same time, Zhou German also pointed out that enterprises should establish their own faith, especially the integration of rising demands to go to be able to move toward the joint, pushing the winter. He said: "I think that most need five to hold together hold together, first, the government and enterprises to hold together to overcome the crisis; and second, banks and enterprises to hold together, the bank is not making profits, at this particular time, it should support SMEs development, development of private enterprises; and third, to hold together the industry, the same industry to move toward the joint coexistence of many industry can hold together; and fourth, the size of the enterprises should hold together large enterprises to shoulder social responsibility, small enterprises should take the initiative to the big business approach; fifth, internal to hold together, I think the boss to keep the staff hold together only do five to hold together, hold together for the winter, to tackle tough, we get out of this predicament. "
Zheng conscience turned into words, "Let the government level to see the grassroots reality"
From one party to the Association for Promoting Democracy Promoting Democracy Wenzhou City, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province People's Congress, Zhou German has been in the front line people, and reflect the voice of the people, improve public opinion. He said, "Since it is the representative to see the crisis, it should speak out. Let government executives see the true grass roots, to the development of healthy social benefits, economic and ecological."
In 2004, Zhou German Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress was elected. To the fullest and most widely sympathize with the people, voice of the people, public opinion, improve the quality of motion in support of Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress, the Zhou German in the country the most important personal name of "deputies studio" for case supervision created a National People's Congress on behalf of the rights of the exercise of the new platform. "This is a pioneering work of the NPC." Many media repeatedly praised. In fact, every year there ZhouDeWen motion. Government adoption rate is up to eighty percent or more.
"People's Congress is one of the official duties, is a social responsibility. Since it was elected in a should take responsibility, the spirit of courage and dedication to fulfill." Zhou German passionately expressed. As democratic parties, Zhou German active participation in politics, there is an annual research report, the motions submitted to the central, provincial and municipal governments, the ruling government at all levels has become a reference, many of the recommendations into government at all levels of public policy.
"Wenzhou SME guarantee mechanism set up as soon as possible," the proposal is eligible for Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC proposals outstanding; "recommended that the Government set up special funds for SME development as soon as possible" and other motion by the Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress outstanding bill. About "improve the system of rural farmer cooperatives recommendations" by the deputy secretary of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province CPPCC Chairman Zhou Guofu important instructions, Provincial People's Congress and amend the relevant legislation to be adopted and when the bill as an important reference. 2009 assessment by the Association Central Committee, Zhou Dewen completed research and wrote "on innovative mechanisms to address the problem of financing the SME proposals," won the 2009 Association Central politics achievement award, was awarded with the proposal by the Central Association for Promoting Democracy into the CPPCC National Committee and the CPPCC proposal as a key proposal ZhouDeWen directly invited to Beijing to participate in the CPPCC proposal investigators will direct dialogue with the central ministries, commissioned leader, praised, and the Association Central Committee as a "national politics government outstanding achievement award. " 2009, Zhou Dewen also continued with the completion of the "SME support policy research", "Zhejiang Industrial Cluster Upgrading research" and other issues, has continued with written into the country, two of the bill reported to a central Zhejiang Province and the provincial and municipal governments. 2011 organizational strength, carry out research at their own expense, for the country prepared a draft "People's Republic of China private lending Law," "People's Republic of China Investment Promotion Law" (draft), these two draft laws in the country in 2012, "two sessions" are National People's Congress as a key proposal, included in the legislative program. 2012 ZhouDeWen participating written proposal "on the Financing System Innovation of Small Business," was named "outstanding CPPCC proposals."
Seventh President of the Association Central Committee meeting, the NPC Standing Committee Vice Chairman, the Association Central Committee Chairman Yan Jun Qi, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman Luo Fu Association Central and other leaders of democratic parties ZhouDeWen as young active and achieved good results in politics and social give high praise.
At the end of the interview, Zhou German earnestness, told reporters: "I am a grass-roots scholar, I am willing to stand up for small and medium enterprises since thrown their findings speak, I do not want grandstanding, but as democratic parties, hoping the government. danger, and constantly enhance the sense of strengthening research, real understanding of the survival of enterprises, in order to develop the healthy development of SME enabling policy. for their proposed academic thought, ZhouDeWen insisted "on Bu Wei", "Bu Wei book" and "not violation of conscience, "Zhou German with their own words and actions show a sense of duty and conscience character Chinese economists and in the New Democratic Party of eminent persons.