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Wenzhou busiest man
In Wenzhou business, Zhou German hardly unknown. He is a successful entrepreneur, but also a study of the private economy in Wenzhou mode and scholars, but also enthusiastic about the public interest and social activist. He was known as the "Wenzhou ambassador", has been named Wenzhou Ten Outstanding Young Persons, and and Yang, sang, and ten others elected harmonious China 2007 Top Ten People. Many of his titles, Wenzhou SME Promotion Association, the Association of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, vice chairman of Zhejiang Province People's Congress, the president of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, Wenzhou City Business Association, vice president of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Policy Research Fellow ...... He has been in dozens of counties above the level of the national government, many famous companies hired economic consultants or senior consultant, his social position more than even he could have endless number. In all the reports of Wenzhou, Zhou German became the object can not be bypassed, he was known as one of the media spokesman for the Wenzhou model, Wenzhou spirit communicators, also by the media as the "Wenzhou busiest man."
Speaking of Zhou Dewen busy, reporter considered witness. May while he came to Beijing to attend the China Private Economy Investment and Development Forum on the occasion, the reporter interviewed him between meetings. In the interview more than one hour, he was interrupted by phone a dozen times, the Beijing correspondent of major media interview appointment, have invited research institutions, enterprises, trade associations all walks of life. He says he is 365 days a year spent in this busy, only to travel to meet his most leisure time, in fact, meeting in Beijing two days he did not spare a moment.
He never holidays, usually to the reception of foreign government investment mission, or with Wenzhou business delegation to visit the country to discuss investment projects between SMEs and government bridge the communication gap, he and his SME Association is called "Second Wenzhou Economic and Trade Commission,"; he wants to solve problems for the small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou, his "Zhou German deputies Studio" also reflect the people, voice of the people, to help them solve various problems. His office as hospital outpatient, as usually find him flocked phone after another. Wenzhou SME willing to find him because he can provide a smooth channel of communication with the government, to help enterprises solve practical problems; mainland investment group looking for him, because he holds a lot of enterprises in Wenzhou resources to provide the two sides approached opportunities; welcomed by the people, because he was able to capitalize on the political status of people's deputies, the grass-roots voice of the masses to solve practical problems. As a government policy researcher, he developed a public policy advice to the government, a lot of urban construction, government decision-making, public service activities will ask him "in decision-making."
Wenzhou SME Fenyou people
Zhou Dewen was the youngest teachers, Wenzhou University, 1993, for the pursuit of the perfect combination of theory and practice, he resigned in business, has served (formerly China Zhuang Ji Group), general manager of Wenzhou Wei Lisi trading company, joint venture Wenzhou Weili General Manager of Sri Lanka Garment Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Julong Industrial (Group) Company Limited. Just weeks German entrepreneurs and scholars with an identity at the time of social and business community is increasingly influential, surprisingly, from business areas ZhouDeWen back out. Leaders, academics, economists and financial professionals at all levels of the first things he did was to small and medium enterprises in Wenzhou and concerns of SMEs to collectively solve Wenzhou private enterprises, the problems in the development of SMEs. Then, in 1999, the country's first mission to promote the development of SMEs social groups - Promotion of SMEs in Wenzhou born, Zhou German president.
Why talk about running a business flourishing quietly change their identity when roles Zhou German said that this sense of social responsibility and sense of mission about his intellectual tradition. "Up and the world economy," he had enough to live comfortably, money is not important to him, he had to do to better reflect the value of his life, more socially meaningful things. Wenzhou is the birthplace of China's private economy, more than ninety percent of Wenzhou private enterprises are small and medium enterprises in the sea of ​​his years, he was too small and medium entrepreneurs to understand the ups and downs, we have studied the private economy as a Wenzhou model and scholar, he has a responsibility to help them better and faster development of private enterprises, also have a responsibility to promote the overall development of the local economy in Wenzhou, while the responsibility of advocacy and referrals, promote Wenzhou mode and Wenzhou spirit to China and around the world. After the Association was founded, it has become not only the coordination of Wenzhou enterprises and government relations "ties", but also timely and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of member companies, the difficulties many SMEs in Wenzhou, first of all think of the "Association", so it It is known as the "patron saint of Wenzhou SME" and spokesperson.
"I attended several associations, in my difficult times, really my burden, only Wenzhou SME Development Association." December 11, 2004, Wenzhou SME Development Association executive director Chen Lili, and in other day Villa "personal experience." Chen Li Li, general manager of Wenzhou overseas travel companies.
July 31, 2004, Hangzhou Overseas Travel Ltd Wenzhou Branch delegation to travel to Egypt, a passenger over seventy, heart attack, sudden death in the Red Sea. Family of the deceased and the company claims to produce disputes and continuously to its business lobby entangled in the lounge to the hall, placed wreaths, extremely bad social impact. As a member of the company's business, the last recourse Association. Finally, under the coordination of Association, the Wenzhou city government to properly resolve the trouble, the results so Wenzhou overseas travel companies feel satisfied, not only did not come entangled family of the deceased, and its apology.
According to statistics, "Association" was established nine years, hundreds of members solve problems.
"Association" is not only for business rights, the situation ZhouDeWen also extend to the common problems of public policy, not only to the benefit of all member companies, but also affect all SMEs in Wenzhou.
Promotion birth, ZhouDeWen regard to the identity of the Association of Wenzhou Municipal Committee, vice chairman of the CPPCC Standing Committee of Wenzhou City, in the Second Session of the Seventh CPPCC Wenzhou, the Wenzhou City Economic Development recommended the establishment of environmental complaints center, such as a change in endless soft environment of man. "Wenzhou Economic Development Environment Complaint Center" sign finally linked to the municipal government. Moment, Wenzhou City and several counties have set up such complaints center.
When less than the age of Association, and representatives of the Association ZhouDeWen Wenzhou municipal CPPCC seventh in Wenzhou three meetings, suggestions government "as soon as possible the establishment of SME loan guarantee mechanism." Soon, personally met with the mayor QIAN Xing Zhou German discussion. Wenzhou city government executive meeting discussed later agreed to establish guarantee institutions for SMEs. Subsequently, the Association jointly Wenzhou City Chamber of Commerce, to build the Wenzhou SME Credit Guarantee Investment Co., Promotion and independent Wenzhou silver letter build a business loan guarantee company, formed a guarantee fund size of 150 million yuan. To date, the energetic efforts ZhouDeWen and Association of Wenzhou has 200 SME guarantee mechanism for SMEs provides billions of dollars in loan guarantees to ease the difficult problem of SME guarantee.
"SME development special fund" is ZhouDeWen and "Association" actuating generated third major public policy. As of the moment, Wenzhou city government has allocated 20 million yuan of special funds, aid has the potential of SMEs and SME guarantee institutions.
Wenzhou people speak for the people
Zhou German Wenzhou SME actively solve problems for the Economic Development suggestions, his dedication has been widely recognized and reward local entrepreneurs and government departments, he was elected Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress in early 2008, he even higher ticket He was elected to the National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province.
As a grass-roots deputies, Zhou German emotionally, even though he submitted a motion before the call for proposals every year to the public, but limited by the scope of activity of these "voices" are often from the same class or group, not the fullest and most extensive reflection the people, voice of the people, public opinion. At the same time, many of the people would like to put forward their views and suggestions, but I do not know how to contact them directly. He believes this is bound to affect the quality of the exercise of state rights. In order to better fulfill their responsibilities deputies, but also to better reflect the people's interest demands and voices, March 17, 2004, Zhou German in the country the most important personal name of "deputies studio", created a National People's Congress the exercise of the right to represent the new platform. Its purpose is to reflect the public voice of the people, collecting folk motion or proposal, maintaining the legitimate interests and aspirations of the people's legitimate rights and interests. "Zhou German deputies studio" set up on the first day, we received a telephone hotline, more than 50, the next day, the hotline has been ringing off the hook, the third day is still the case that many people get through batch went to work Room direct reflection of issues, which focus on many aspects of house demolition, housing placement and miscarriages of justice. In the studio's efforts, many of the problems of the masses has been solved in time. For a universal problem, Zhou German National People's Congress has written a number of motions, submitted to the Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress, and was quickly adopted by the government, resulting in a better effect in politics. "Deputies studio" after media reports, has aroused widespread attention and highly valued experts and government departments, is called a pioneering work of the NPC. Founded more than three years in the studio, the "Zhou German deputies studio" in the "overload" busy. Receiving complaints from the masses, reflecting the problems of more than 200 people, filing 500, investigation and handling of cases of more than 100 pieces, maintaining government prestige and resolving social conflicts, more than 20 cases, safeguard the interests of the people, to solve the practical difficulties of more than 50 people since, and really is government share those concerns, problem-solving in earnest for the people, by the people welcome.
When it comes to the founder of "deputies studio," the driving force behind ZhouDeWen passionately said: deputies is a duty, a responsibility, not just an "honor", elected deputies, there is a sense of mission , they should have a courage to take responsibility, the spirit of courage and dedication to perform its statutory duties.
Wenzhou model for the new advocating people
While also teaching at the University of Wenzhou, Wenzhou model is one of the earliest ZhouDeWen agitators and propagandists, after many years of hands-on enterprise and SME Promotion of work, ZhouDeWen personally felt the environment change with the times, the traditional family workshops type of low-end, labor-intensive processing enterprises as the representative of the old dilemma faced by the Wenzhou model, therefore, he first proposed the concept of a new Wenzhou model, advocating for the new Wenzhou model. He has written extensively on the Wenzhou model transformation theory article also mentioned a number of policy recommendations, his direction on the adjustment of the industrial structure in Wenzhou, developing high-tech industries and a modern enterprise system as the core enterprise groups and other relevant recommendations have been the government's highly valued and accepted.
In addition to recommending the macro policy level, Zhou German Association of SMEs use platform for SMEs to actively implement industrial restructuring and running. To lead his annual tour goes around Wenzhou SME investment negotiations with government departments, Shandong, northeast China, Wuhan, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia everywhere their talks on investment figure. In late February 2006, Zhou German Wenzhou led dozens of companies, mighty moved into Beijing, held in conjunction with the Beijing SASAC and the China Beijing Equity Exchange "Beijing - Wenzhou enterprises Cooperation Fair," one hundred billion yuan of SOEs marriage Beijing has attracted the media attention, it is called the Wenzhou businessmen "speculation state-owned enterprises." In addition to lead member invested enterprises to go out and achieve business transformation, ZhouDeWen also use the "Association" of resources for small and medium scale, to achieve industrial upgrading and help provide financing.
For low-end labor-intensive processing enterprises in Wenzhou SME competitiveness weakening trend, Zhou German used his influence to lead Association member companies to establish national universities, research institutions and the transfer of technology research and development cooperation agreement to help SMEs to achieve technology upgrading and restructuring. As they and the Shanghai Technology Stock Exchange to establish a stable relationship of technical cooperation, so that many of the traditional small and medium enterprises can absorb the latest scientific research, to achieve industrial upgrading.
Who live for others
Zhou Dewen grassroots politician always busy, he is not for individuals, but for the people's livelihood, economic development without complaint. He has been committed to the Wenzhou model of development and exploration, kept wandering between Wenzhou and economic cooperation between local governments, investment operations each year to provide seventy-eight research report for the government, the rate of dozens of Wenzhou entrepreneurs investment study mission to the country, received the delegation of more than 200 batches of thousands of visitors and scholars, organized hundreds of games trade fair and a variety of short courses. As well as his wife said he was "living for others," while he said he "busy and happy!"
Speaking of this busy and dedication, he said with his family education. His father Zhouzheng Gong is a traditional intellectual, hard life for the country, but also to educate their children must make contribution to the society, and his father even do a report known as the home of China's first "Xinmei home News ", every year ranked family and personal deeds to their wages and royalties as a bonus, to encourage the younger generation who seek advanced for the country and make more contributions to society. These affected his behavior of doing things, so he has a strong sense of social responsibility and mission. He was already planning his life: teaching ten years, ten years to do business, engage in social activities a decade, he wrote books years, so his life is like a high-speed operation of the machines, seize the day, he To explore their potential as much as possible to make more contributions to society, and now his full ten years of social service, he was fun, we intend to continue to serve the community for decades.
People's eyes are sharp, in November 2007, he was elected to the Eleventh People's Congress of Zhejiang Province, he was more busy. Early January 2008, Zhou German has been selected as the "2007 China Top Ten People in harmony", and Yang, Sang Lan in China and other sparkling sky most spectacular nine "hero" with the total received UN Resident Representative Dolby, Vice Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, the CPPCC National Committee Vice Abulahat Amudurexiti et al awards.
It has countless such people like Zhou Dewen, Wenzhou model in order to maintain vigorous vitality! Such deputies Zhou Dewen, Wenzhou is a blessing the people!