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In Wenzhou business, Zhou German hardly unknown. He is a successful entrepreneur, but also a study of the private economy in Wenzhou mode and scholars, but also enthusiastic about the public interest and social activist. He was known as the "Wenzhou ambassador", has been named Wenzhou Ten Outstanding Young Persons, and and Yang, sang, and ten others elected harmonious China 2007 Top Ten People.
Although he did not rank, but wearing a dozen political "hat": Wenzhou Municipal Committee, vice chairman of the Association, president of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, vice president of China Association of SMEs, vice president of China International Cooperation Association of SMEs, deputy director of China Committee of APEC SME Service Alliance, China Private Economy Research Institute of Management Science and Guidance Center Deputy Director, etc., but Wenzhou entrepreneurs are more willing to say he was "Wenzhou ambassador."
Zhou Dewen, type words in the Baidu search page, Baidu will tell you, "to find the relevant page of about 408,000." Zhou Dewen popularity is evident.
Auntie people Wenzhou SMEs
Zhou Dewen always busy, whenever there is any new national policy, what new trends in the industry, media reporters always like to put the question of shifting Zhou Dewen, to hear his views, his advice. Enterprise encounter any problems, what difficult issues, like come to Zhou Dewen, chairman Zhou able to see what kind of solutions.
Zhou Dewen not tall, but for SMEs will burst out of dedicated Shique astonishing energy. For SMEs, he does not seem to know tired.
Year grant received nearly 200 local governments, enterprises in Wenzhou of delegation, organized hundreds of games trade fair and short-term training courses, receptions thousands of visitors, but these are just part of his job.
Difficulties in financing, loans, guarantees difficult, has been the development of SMEs "trilemma." For this "trilemma" Zhou German no less to worry about before.
In the 2007's Wenzhou City People's Congress, Zhou German Wenzhou SME Development Association will promote consensus "special fund" established in the form of the motion of deputies, submitted to the National People's Congress. Six months later, that is to win approval. Later, the Wenzhou city government to come up with 20 million yuan of special funds to aid potential SMEs.
In addition, Zhou German Wenzhou City Chamber of Commerce have joined forces, to build Wenzhou SME Credit Guarantee Investment Limited; and independent Wenzhou silver letter build a business loan guarantee company. So far, Wenzhou has 200 SME guarantee mechanism for SMEs provides billions of dollars in loan guarantees.
"...... More than 30 million SMEs in Wenzhou, about 20% of businesses in the suspension or semi-shutdown condition ......" at March 28, 2008 CCTV economic half-hour interview with reporters Zhou German section, he forthrightly own research to the investigation we have learned the truth come clean. Once broadcast programs, has aroused strong repercussions in the country, many of the media have to "20%" as a title, be reproduced and re-processing, and even striking "collapse" instead of the word "suspension, semi-suspension status," both of which It is completely different. For a time, "20% of business failures," the rumors rampant. Zhou German became the focus, standing on the cusp.
"Throws his findings, I am not grandstanding, but to the government be prepared to continue to enhance the sense of strengthening research, real understanding of the living conditions of the enterprise, to help companies develop a number of policies out of the woods, give in taxes, etc. appropriate concessions, the initiative to help enterprises solve problems, urging healthy development of enterprises. "As an outspoken scholar Zhou Dewen did not care about personal honor and loss.
At the same time, Zhou German quickly to Wenzhou municipal government reported the "Preliminary Report on the existing situation of SMEs in Wenzhou," explains 20% of the data in context, and to analyze the difficulties facing the development of SMEs in Wenzhou City, and the response initiatives, and published "The current difficulties exist for SMEs and measures" in the media, "the crisis, Wenzhou how to deal with", "Wenzhou industry macro environment transformation", "SME how to do? "And other research papers, guidance SMEs cope with the crisis.
Zhou Dewen of respect, not only caused great repercussions media, also attracted the attention of the Central. A batch of senior officials, scholars have come to Wenzhou research study, and then, one by one aimed to support SME development policy began to emerge.

Wenzhou private capital trumpeter
Prior to 1999, served as university teachers have been concerned about Zhou Dewen, Wenzhou Economic Research, is arguably one of the pioneers of China's earliest research "Wenzhou model". Since then, he decided to quit university teachers' work, to join the business. Later, he led the establishment of Wenzhou SME Development Association, after many years of operation, now in the heart of Wenzhou entrepreneurs, already belongs Association of SMEs in Wenzhou is the best bridge to the country and the world.
Zhou Dewen and Association, Wenzhou enterprises not only play a coordinating role in local government relations and ties, have become Wenzhou capital to the country's drummer.
Wenzhou enterprises to create wealth myth, as many cities eager to learn from these cities are looking for opportunities to cooperate with Wenzhou, but often suffer no link with the bridge project Wenzhou wealth. ZhouDeWen the "Association" It served as a kind of "matchmaker" role.
Because Zhou Dewen sincerely welcome and hospitality, "Association" each received 200 batches of cities across the country to warm mission, China Merchants throughout the country who feel the Wenzhou weeks German smile at, only 2004 summer, ZhouDeWen accepted on the breath nearly ten Northeast to Wenzhou study tour delegation. This year, the Association of Wenzhou enterprises inviting the 16 groups of visitors, has sponsored 16 major investment will be, while leading members examined 11 batches of investment projects and investment environment in Shantou, Wuhan and other places.
In 2006, the Association's work has entered a rapid development period, Zhou German planned and organized dozens of large-scale economic cooperation conference Heze, Suzhou, Shangrao, Shanghai, Kaifeng and other cities.
Currently, the "Association" Assistance to the annual promotion activities organized by the relevant government departments, more than 50 times, organizing large-scale "international exhibition" more than 10 times.
Every year, half of the time ZhouDeWen the reception around the mission to contribute to economic and trade groups and small and medium entrepreneurs in the economic and trade exchanges and negotiate a. Asked him tired, Zhou German told reporters: "I see this as a responsibility and love of life, so that more understanding of Wenzhou city, in cooperation with Wenzhou, is my greatest motivation and hope.
When the "beans you play", "the garlic you hard," fried coal, fried cotton market rumors again and again the finger of blame for the steering when private capital in Wenzhou, Zhou German always stand out, it is rational to clarify the facts of private capital in Wenzhou.
October 2010, on speculation even when the garlic when the dust clamor on ZhouDeWen went to China's rural garlic - Shandong Jinxiang, field trips, whether it is really in the participation of private capital in Wenzhou speculation garlic.
After the rush of the dozens of hours, ZhouDeWen to the National dozens of media reporters sent a text message, he said Wenzhou was not involved in the garlic capital of the hype to go.
This is a truly Zhou Dewen, he is not shy about the Wenzhou capital to the country to invest in, but there are always at the right time will be private capital in Wenzhou "set things right" for private capital in Wenzhou "rectification of names."
There is no doubt, it has become the spokesman for the Wenzhou weeks German capital.
Because of this, companies are willing to find Zhou German Wenzhou, it is because he can provide a smooth channel of communication with the government, to help enterprises solve practical problems; mainland investment mission to find him, because he holds a lot of enterprises in Wenzhou resources to provide Both sides approached opportunity.
Wenzhou city symbol
Now, in Wenzhou, Zhou German in a sense has become a symbol of the city.
Later that at Wenzhou ambassador award, about a week German media have such a rating - "As a younger person in charge of the democratic parties, more than ten years in Wenzhou planned and organized many large social events and large-scale theatrical performances, enthusiastic about public welfare, there is a certain social impact; active participation in politics, enthusiastic service for entrepreneurs, led by the founder of the two SME Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd., to achieve better social and economic benefits; as a well-known scholar, he has been invited to go US, Japan to give lectures, the results of its reform and opening up, Wenzhou and Wenzhou of entrepreneurship in the country he served as Kaifeng, Yingkou, Liaoning, Hebei Cangzhou nationwide, more than 29 county-level government, senior economic development adviser, and often invited to lecture all over, publicity Wenzhou, Wenzhou city image shaping played a positive role. "
In fact, it is true, in fact, in a sense, like Zhou German Wenzhou spirit communicator. He recommended the one important voice "Wenzhou model" with his unique style and spirit. His "Theory of the appropriate separation of ownership and management rights," and "On joint-stock cooperative enterprises in Wenzhou Issues" and the "new Wenzhou model" and other papers, the main arguments cited by domestic economic experts and related articles, people from Learn the Wenzhou economy, we understand the Wenzhou economic model.
Zhou German said, Wenzhou city government now actively guide, so Wenzhou Wenzhou capital into the financial services industry, emerging industries, modern agriculture, culture, tourism and other industries, which will be the direction of a long-term investment capital in Wenzhou.
Zhou German analysts say, and ultimately to the capital is still unclear, Wenzhou still waiting to see.
Dialogue Zhou German:
Twelve Five, Wenzhou capital Way
Pushed up housing prices is "flattering Wenzhou"
"Wenzhou capital": the number of Zhejiang Wenzhou capital account capital? What percentage of the capital of Zhejiang Chinese private capital?
Zhou German: no accurate statistics, is difficult to say how many accounts, but warm business capital is the most important part of the capital of Zhejiang inside. I think that more than 50%. Because less Ningbo in Zhejiang, Jinhua, Taizhou external expansion. Only lukewarm business since the beginning of this century expansion. Wen business capital is the largest and most active regional terms. Investment from coal mining to real estate, cotton to oil, followed by changes in the external environment, and indeed represents the trend of Chinese private capital investment.
"Wenzhou capital": in the end how the outside world for a lot of Wenzhou, the capital has a lot to say, according to your estimates, private capital in Wenzhou in the end?
Zhou German: Overall about one trillion. Wenzhou local private capital has more than 7,500 billion yuan, plus one-third of Wenzhou investment in the country, and therefore outside the region as well as 250 billion. In peak time, Wenzhou real estate group has 200 billion, 60 billion Shanghai, Beijing has 50 billion.
"Wenzhou capital": that so many of Wenzhou capital What is the status now? It is an opportunity not to attack in seeking or in speculation.
Zhou German: First, I want to clarify one point. In fact, a lot of hype and not much capital in Wenzhou relationship, such as garlic. I have been in the town of garlic Jinxiang, Shandong, China field surveys, only 10 a few Wenzhou businessmen purchased garlic Jinxiang, rather than the printing of the rumors in Wenzhou capital pushed up the price of garlic.
Wenzhou still waiting to see, Wenzhou capital are waiting to see, although there are still some real estate, gold and other areas looking for investment opportunities, but only a minority, most of Wenzhou capital are in a wait state.
"Wenzhou capital": This year the state has adopted a "new thirty-six", estimated private capital investment, but still came when "the country back into" the news, the situation of Chinese private capital in the end how?
Zhou German: Although the country in recent years issued a number of documents to encourage private capital investment in areas open to private capital, more and more, but the implementation could not be very satisfactory. Especially last year, can be said to be an unlucky year. The purpose of the reform is: to make state-owned capital withdraw from the competitive field, but there are indications that private enterprises and state-owned enterprises game, private companies often hurt.
From a policy perspective, the state is very contradictory. On the one hand the government wants private capital investing in the promotion of economic development. But at this stage it always reflects "the country back into" the signal, especially Shanxi coal, many procedures are complete small coal mines were forced to lay off but can not get reasonable compensation, which have a negative impact on the local government's credibility .
Now business people to have misgivings about the resources of the project, once bitten twice shy. Traditional industries affected by the financial crisis or the development of the industry itself into the bottleneck, thus causing capital of Zhejiang way out of problems.
"Wenzhou capital": "Twelve Five" has been imminent, Wenzhou capital on?
Zhou German: way out is restructuring. Product management and capital operation to go the road of combining. Capital operating profit in the short term to nurture industries, complement each other.
Specifically, the new features is a lot of private capital willing to invest in the financial sector with a stable income. Including restructuring, small loan companies, rural cooperatives restructuring the country's commercial banks, which traces which has capital of Zhejiang. The financial sector is an important way of our capital restructuring, while also including the field of venture capital investment.
I think sooner or later to investor industrialist. Private capital investment in recent years in the field of venture capital companies, fund projects, interest is very strong. Currently, there are only 150 billion yuan in Wenzhou capital into the venture capital field, involving 300 venture capital institutions. In the financial sector there are at least 100 billion yuan investment, which is almost 350 billion yuan investment in the field of finance and venture capital.
But did not give private capital industry, in addition to traditional industries in the future, we need to actively cultivate new industries, such as petrochemicals, IT, biotechnology, new energy sources. As far as I know, from many coal mines returned to the capital has entered a new energy, such as solar energy.