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Annual rate of tens of Wenzhou entrepreneurs to invest in the country study group
Reception 200 batches of cities across the country each year to warm the delegation
Zhou German folk Pushing Hands, Wenzhou city cooperation with the National

October 27, 2007 9 am, Shanghai's sky is particularly clear in the first wipe the sun, Wenzhou and Wenzhou SME Association president Zhou German business delegation he led into the Shanghai Songjiang District * Times Headquarters Economy Park, by leaders at all levels in Shanghai's Songjiang District, warm welcome. The applause and the flowers, wearing a gray suit ZhouDeWen look back behind Wenzhou entrepreneurs, they crave attention and passion in the face of surging foreign investment Zhou German pride, can not remember how many times ZhouDeWen Shanghai and Wenzhou entrepreneurs approached, but he knows that every time the Wenzhou business delegation hurriedly brought wealth overgrown front, from behind the entrepreneurs themselves can delight the eyes, read his life , read the value of life.

"Wenzhou ambassador"
Shanghai Songjiang Economic Forum headquarters era held in applause and warm atmosphere, first Songjiang district leaders came to power speech, Zhou Dewen speech, then in charge of city leaders introduced economic government introduced preferential terms, then Songjiang District of Shanghai and the relevant Wenzhou leaders and entrepreneurs "face to face": dialogue, communication, negotiation and related economic and trade cooperation to achieve the intention, then determine the timetable and agenda for economic and trade cooperation, and to thank the government for lavish dinner Wenzhou entrepreneurs, finally, sincere and warm invitation again Zhou German Wenzhou entrepreneurs to trade negotiations among ...... fluorescent flashes in the program process is almost identical, and Zhou German skilled, thoughtful, calm, let Wenzhou entrepreneurs wealth tentacles stretch even farther and more vast, so Wenzhou respect and acceptance of all wealth, the spirit of the city of Wenzhou in Wenzhou wealth "help and explosion" in triumph, leapfrog development, which is a busy week German ideals and goals.
When crossing the century, under the Wenzhou government "inaction to" stimulate thought, one of the private economy in Wenzhou market economy, the journey to the fore, Wenzhou create wealth myth, in "tasted the sweetness of experience" and a Under a large number of "too rich" role models Wenzhou entrepreneurs, Wenzhou businessmen entrepreneurship "excitement and passion" was lit; on the other hand many Wenzhou people, lack of resources, the traffic blind end, hundreds of billions of hot money free in Wenzhou streets looking for "money begets money," the thoroughfare. Thus, the loss of two of Wenzhou wealth is torn, split into a deep wound, this wound cut into germinating "windy Life" Zhou German soul.
"I hope the wealth of Wenzhou City, able to bloom more beautiful, brilliant, long-lasting light." Based on this ideal, the date 1999, when the university teacher when he advocated resolutely Zhou German Wenzhou model, from business areas back out, he did the first thing is to care for SMEs and growth of SMEs in Wenzhou Leadership at all levels, economists, financiers to collectively solve Wenzhou private enterprises, the problems in the development of SMEs, to China and around the world to advocate and referral, promotion of the spirit and the power of Wenzhou wealth. Thus, the country's first mission to promote the development of SMEs in the social group - Wenzhou SME Development Association came into being.
Since that day, Zhou German Wenzhou enterprises not only play a coordinating and local government relations "ties" role, timely and effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of members, the greater is unique among cities in the country "Wenzhou model "concept" to show the spirit of the "Wenzhou Wenzhou wealth and wealth.
Wenzhou Municipal Committee, vice chairman of the Association, president of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, vice president of China Association of SMEs, vice president of the China International Cooperation Association of SMEs, deputy director of the China Committee of APEC SME Service Alliance, China Academy of Management Science Private Economic Research and Guidance Center Deputy Director, etc., on his head many of the "title", but many people love his title is "chief 'Wenzhou model' ambassador." More titles, ZhouDeWen feel their burden is also heavier, his schedule has no concept of holidays, he kept wandering in Wenzhou and economic cooperation between local governments, investment operations, as well as Many media feel Week is "Wenzhou busiest man."
Then there is a Wenzhou Record: Zhou Dewen have received an annual grant of nearly 200 local governments, enterprises in Wenzhou of delegation, organized hundreds of games trade fair and short-term training courses, receptions thousands of visitors. In fact, in a sense, like Zhou Wenzhou spirit communicator. He recommended the one important voice "Wenzhou model" with his unique style and spirit. His "Theory of the appropriate separation of ownership and management rights," and "On joint-stock cooperative enterprises in Wenzhou Issues" and the "new Wenzhou model" and other papers, the main arguments cited by domestic economic experts and related articles, people from Learn the Wenzhou economy, we understand the Wenzhou economic model.
When the ambassador named Wenzhou, a media there is such a rating on ZhouDeWen - "As a younger person in charge of the democratic parties, more than ten years in Wenzhou planned and organized many large social events and large-scale theatrical performances, keen to public welfare, there is a certain social impact; active participation in politics, enthusiastic service for entrepreneurs, led by the founder of the two SME Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd., to achieve better social and economic benefits; as a well-known scholar, he has been invited to the United States, Japan and lectures advertise Wenzhou Wenzhou reform and opening up achievements and entrepreneurial spirit in the country he served as Kaifeng, Yingkou, Liaoning, Hebei Cangzhou nationwide, more than 29 county-level government, senior economic development adviser, and often invited to lecture all over, publicity Wenzhou, shaping the image of the city of Wenzhou has played a positive role. "

Wenzhou mind smile blooming
In the planned economy to a market economy major historical transition period, the private economy in Wenzhou China's economy is undoubtedly banner, learning Wenzhou model has become the slogan of an era. Many cities are expected to learn in a short Wenzhou process of finding a new city cooperation understanding, but often can not find a bridge into wealth Wenzhou. It is many cities require handshake, ZhouDeWen the "Association" just extended a warm hands.
In many cities of the eyes, "Association" seems like "Second Economic and Trade Commission." Allegedly, some of the special trip to Wenzhou foreign government officials, often commented, "Association": They are not the government's trade agency, but for SMEs in Wenzhou city and in the field to build a trade platform between Wenzhou businessmen and government laying a dialogue channel; they are not government departments, but often by the government, accepted to visit and trade exchanges in the field of city officials, the wealth and values ​​of 300,000 SMEs nationwide urban construction tightly linked together.
Because Zhou Dewen sincerely welcome and hospitality, "Association" each received 200 batches of cities across the country to warm mission, city government officials across the country felt the Wenzhou weeks German smile in mind. Summer 2004 alone, ZhouDeWen breath admitted nearly 10 northeast to Wenzhou study tour delegation.
In June 2004, Chinese Communist Party Secretary and his entourage to Jiamusi Wenzhou visit, Zhou Dewen directly to the Jiamusi city government commissioned by the "Association," the Secretary-General to convene key industry association of Wenzhou and excellent private entrepreneurs, discussion together. At the forum, Zhou German attitude to the host of the visiting Chinese Communist Party secretary of Jiamusi welcome. He briefed the guests on the 25-year socio-economic development situation in Wenzhou, and was invited in particular the principles of the "Wenzhou model."
In mid-July 2004, in the weeks German help, Communist Party Secretary and Matsubara Matsubara mayor rushed to Wenzhou, make arrangements for a "2004 Matsubara - Wenzhou investment and project promotion." The meeting was very successful, shortly after the Chinese Communist Party Secretary and Mayor Matsubara commissioned specially thanked Zhou German friends. Matsubara people that there is no Association for their support, promotion effect is being reduced in Wenzhou.
September 26, 2004, the incumbent party and government delegation of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Provincial Party Secretary and Governor of Liaoning Province Zhang Wenyue era led to Wenzhou learning and economic and trade exchanges and activities ZhouDeWen commissioned by the provincial government, organization Wenzhou 15 Zhang Wenyue known private entrepreneurs and municipalities and Liaoning Province, 14 mayors and some provincial and municipal department heads had a "face to face" the symposium, the face of such a scale, "the provincial economic and trade negotiations," Zhou German mind calm, decided to accept a commission of Liaoning Province, Liaoning Provincial People's Government Secretary accompanied by Ren Feng co-organized the meeting.
In the weeks German organization, China Delixi Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Hu Cheng, the chairman of the Chinese Chiu light Semir Group, chairman of a group of giant 李爱莲 other well-known entrepreneur himself to be, full of the central revitalizing northeast old industrial areas Passion strategies. These famous entrepreneurs across the face of centuries of Liaoning, has greatly improved its investment environment, administrative efficiency, significantly improved the quality of government services, in the transformation of ideological emancipation and concepts, and many other changes, full of investment business enthusiasm and confidence.
In addition to the meeting reached a series of trade and economic intentions, but also let people far away in the northeast Liaoning feel the economic rise of a modern city of Wenzhou in mind. Zhang Wenyue governor was filled with deep feelings, he believes, Wenzhou entrepreneurs never lack a strong sense of openness, they start small, and work hard, have a first in the world of the spirit; their pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness of operations a strong sense of team concepts and make people feel a deep admiration, Liaoning, Liaoning, so people should learn from the successful experience of not only the development of the private economy in Wenzhou, Wenzhou's entrepreneurial spirit as well.
After the meeting, Zhang Wenyue governor enough, warm and inviting president Zhou German Wenzhou entrepreneurs rate Liaoning delegation visit, field trips, the investment environment in Liaoning Province, investment projects and policies, Zhou German readily accepted. Soon after, ZhouDeWen organized a business delegation to the investment negotiations in Liaoning.
According to incomplete statistics, only the 2004 summer and fall, "Association" "Please come in" dial 16 guests, manage the Qinhuangdao municipal and other 16 large-scale investment will allocate 11 while leading members go out to visit Shantou, Wuhan and other places investment projects and investment environment. A local government official said, this is Zhou German power of a smile, which is open to a broad mind Wenzhou outward charm.
It is reported that in the year 2006, in the weeks German planning and organization, "Heze" Jiangsu "Suzhou" Jiangxi "Shangrao" Shanghai "Pudong", Henan "Kaifeng" and other dozens of large-scale economic cooperation conference in Wenzhou open "in full swing", profitable. Every year, "Association" also assist the municipal Jingxie Ban, City Chamber of Commerce organized promotion activities more than 50 times, helped to organize large-scale "international exhibition" more than 10 times.
Shanghai, Beijing came away; go northeast northwest brought; Shandong, Inner Mongolia, a go again ...... batch after batch of Wenzhou Economic and Trade Delegation to come and go, Zhou Dewen to own advocacy and the "Association" passion investments Wenzhou model member sow among reception and meeting time and time again. In fact, Zhou Dewen almost half of the time of year have contributed to a reception for the delegation and trade groups in the city and came Wenzhou SME entrepreneurs and trade exchanges and negotiations go, ZhouDeWen to this as a responsibility of life and I love, because they allow more understanding of Wenzhou city, in cooperation with Zhou German Wenzhou is Wenzhou model advocated meaning and desire.

Walk in the city and trade between China
We have to go there. Zhou Dewen do not want to position themselves in the role of the delegation a warm reception in the city, more eager to go Available in Wenzhou, he often walk between the major cities in China, leading his members (Wenzhou entrepreneurs) looking around business opportunities, with a positive and wisdom to determine their own "Association" value category.
Many of the "central figure" City Conference
In many media reports about Zhou Dewen, the photographs are meeting ZhouDeWen "central figure", his side are Sheriff dignitaries in these cities, he scholar, a "middleman" status higher than officials in these pictures, this In contemporary urban economic activities still a relatively new thing, but in ZhouDeWen body too common.
December 23, 2004 issue of "Wenzhou SME News", on the front page, with a small half-length version, published made "Association" by a county tour to positive news. The report also attached a piece of the delegation and Yang Xing dignitaries photo. Yang Xing county Party secretary and governor either side of the middle sat in the front row surrounded ZhouDeWen. At that time, according to participate in the expedition members, said Zhou German way, the local official in this reception mode, they clearly feel ZhouDeWen weight in the eyes of local officials, without fear of being butchered after investment in local lodge complaints.
September 23, 2006, Hubei Huangshi Yangtze River Delta in 2006 (Wenzhou) Trade Fair held at Dynasty Hotel, Zhou Dewen are arranged on the podium, Yellowstone party secretary of Wenzhou weeks German Recommend expressed "gratitude," Zhou German in his speech, fluorescent focused on imposing his face, there ZhouDeWen speech on stage, the audience Wenzhou entrepreneurs to invest in wave after wave of enthusiasm, on the spot signed 72 investment projects with a total investment of 10.7 billion yuan. No wonder the country a major media ZhouDeWen title as "guest of Chinese local governments."

Forging a "bridge" in foresight in
August 2007 Wenzhou some media reported a message "Wenzhou private capital to emerge," army "hot, participate in the defense industry five areas," sources said, this year, the National Defense Science and Technology Industry Committee officially announced "non-public ownership economy to participate in national defense science and technology Industrial Construction Guide. "
In fact, in June, the National Defense National Development and Reform Commission and SASAC jointly issued the "Guidelines on joint-stock reform of military enterprises," clearly pointed out, in addition to a small core of key military enterprises should remain state-owned, but to encourage the introduction of domestic capital and conditionally allow foreign participation in joint-stock reform of military enterprises, encourage qualified military enterprise financing through the capital market. But private enterprise how to "join the army" mean?
July 23, has a military background of the peaceful use of military technology China Association sent a letter to Zhou Dewen: said to be joint "Promotion" held in Wenzhou "private capital to participate in the restructuring of the military industrial enterprises and military production seminar," Wenzhou small paving the way for enterprises to enter the field of military technology. Zhou Dewen nonstop rushed to Beijing immediately to finalize the workshop issues.
Over the years, the defense industry is a national strategic product sectors, the brightest military capital despite eat "cake", but because of the policy is difficult to grasp, can only wait and see attitude. Zhou German lead the way in, the performance of active private entrepreneurs in Wenzhou, private capital eager to look forward to. "Join the army."
Soon came news Wenzhou Wenzhou Guan Sheng Auto Parts Manufacturing and production company based in Wuhan military Lika car companies, the two sides signed a protocol supporting the production assembly, now has entered the production phase, the estimated annual revenue of up to 18 million Yuan.
It is reported that Beijing is one of the largest cities and from Zhou Dewen, Beijing is the political and cultural center of China's economy, but Beijing authorities confused eyeing Zhou German's body. February 24, 2006, Beijing SASAC invite ZhouDeWen led the delegation of 60 people, including entrepreneurs, lawyers, including Beijing, organized the "Beijing with the Beijing International Trade Commission and the China Beijing Equity Exchange - Wenzhou enterprises Fair. " Open the "speculation state-owned enterprises," the journey.
To Beijing's first night that after careful study ZhouDeWen Beijing Equity Exchange referrals 180 cooperation projects, feel very tired, he opened the window, an lunged breath of spring, he looked up into the distance, starlight , covered the Beijing sky. Suddenly the doorbell rang, opened it, just this morning received post a Beijing state-owned enterprises responsible person visits, visitors, while saying an apology, while Zhou Dewen seek help when away guests ZhouDeWen a look at the time, nearly two late at night.
Seven the next morning, the doorbell rang again, "a group of a number of" visitors before the meeting to help find Zhou Dewen, who want their state-owned enterprises to find a new way out. Week visitors made an impromptu speech, expressed concern the activities of the two: the Beijing Municipal Government welcomes investment in Beijing state-owned enterprises in Wenzhou, but this cooperation can be effectively protected by law; government-mandated goal of SOE restructuring its goal is consistent with the company? "Some companies mentioned conditions are very harsh, unrealistic."
Will be opened, Beijing state-owned enterprises mergers and acquisitions of "green" light, reached a series of agreements of intent. In just two days, Zhou also take advantage of opportunities as the Wenzhou businessmen "name." "Do not demonize the Wenzhou businessmen, Wenzhou businessmen ran away to see the green light is Wenzhou businessmen are people who really want to do business.." In fact, week trip to Beijing also sent out a signal: the need for capital from the Wenzhou bridge needs thrust , Zhou German foundry is precisely this "bridge."

Recommend lift of Wenzhou broken
Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, one of the three centers, is an important industrial southeast coastal commercial center, the port city and integrated transport hub city. Several hundred billion dollars of hot money free among SMEs, Wenzhou eager to set their sights farther and more vast world, we want to be fast and vast wealth of expansion and upgrade. But suffer from Wenzhou businessmen "independent" consciousness too, the city and there are many barriers to economic cooperation unexpected, Zhou German founder of the "Association" potential bridge erected in broken, Zhou German companies looking for business opportunities for its members aim is to achieve "market Communion, innovation cooperation "to achieve communication, communion, win, Wenzhou and other cities in order to promote pragmatic cooperation, integration of urban ideas, markets, resources, capital and demonstration projects, it is recommended to negotiate.
Peking University, Dr. Zhu Huaijiang believes that week, "Association" has continued to strengthen the regional economy "commercial peak organization" feature, which form their own coordination arrangement, relying on market-based instruments to promote economic development. As the government and enterprises, enterprises and market the bridge and "Pushing Hands", Nongovernmental Chamber centralized intelligence organization, mechanisms, capital of the advantages of private economy, especially the dominant market players, is playing an increasingly large role. "Chambers of Commerce Economic Cooperation Summit Circle Pan City" to take to create a more civil, more free, more market-oriented provider SCO platform, strategic level par will cooperate with the government.
July 2006, Guangyuan City, Sichuan People's Government should invite, Association "organization, Zhou German rate Wenzhou entrepreneurs delegation of 15 people went to Guangyuan investment environment and project visits, etc. Wenzhou entrepreneurs 朱元宗 sign in Guangyuan set up two investment cooperation projects.
October 18, 2006, "Association" and the integrity of China Tour event Organizing Committee, held "China's success temperature supplier Forum" in Beijing's Great Hall, there are more than 150 successful warm business to attend the CPPCC National Committee Vice-Chairman Sun Fuling, vice chairman of the National Federation of Sun Xiaohua, former deputy secretary-general of the State Council and other leaders attended Chengxin.
December 17, 2006 under the careful organization Zhou Dewen, 37 entrepreneurs in Wenzhou special trip to Jinan, "Times Headquarters Base" on-site visits, Wenzhou businessmen to change investment, not only keen to park around the headquarters economy, and investment giant capital in Wenzhou trends and information to build the park headquarters economy caused great concern in the national media, have to be reported.
In fact, Zhou German political and economic migration has never ceased Wenzhou and between cities. In 2006 alone, walk in ZhouDeWen the process, he matchmaking and personal leadership, and the country more than 10 provinces and cities of Wenzhou Economic and Trade Joint interactive, has held nearly 20 times the investment study, investment promotion activities. After the media, more than 30 government departments above the county level to Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Liaoning, Huzhou, Datong, Panzhihua to ZhouDeWen thrown "ball", warm and inviting ZhouDeWen local study tour to promote economic exchanges between the two places development, by Zhou German matchmaking, organization of investment study, investment promotion activities, so many Wenzhou enterprises to find new investment projects and development. As China Longfei Group and Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone signed a 200 million yuan investment in Tibet enriched 500 million investment in the hotel and two oxygen-rich water projects. • Variable Group in China "Shanghai Jinshan District Economic and Technological Development Zone" 64 acres of land, build new industrial park in Shanghai changed.
"Please come in," "go out", Zhou German has organized another batch of members of entrepreneurs went to Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Zhejiang Jiangshan City, Sichuan Mianyang, Guangyuan, Zigong City, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City Wuhan, Hubei Province, Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, Kaifeng City, Henan Province Lankao County, the capital Beijing and other places to study investment projects and investment environment, negotiated a total of more than 50 investment projects, Zhou German economic and trade trip Many cities take more and more governments and enterprises in Wenzhou warm welcome.
Quzhou mission, the delegation went to Guizhou Province, to Shanghai Jinshan mission, the delegation went to the emblem, Shenzhen delegation, Qingdao delegation, Yulin delegation, the delegation of Xiangtan in Hunan, Hubei Suizhou mission, mission Chaoyang, Liaoning, Shandong Liaocheng The delegation, led by Zhou Dewen ...... Wenzhou entrepreneurs keep walking among Chinese cities, passionate exchanges, he put a "bridge" role and the other cities of Wenzhou Economic and Trade Cooperation interpreted freely and skilled.

Zhou Dewen, a sincere and promising a thorough Wenzhou city cooperation with the national civil Pushing Hands