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In Wenzhou SME Development Association, known as the "Second Economic and Trade Commission," SMEs "home", while president Zhou German is "private capital spokesperson." Before the Spring Festival, ZhouDeWen issued a call "to Dubai hunters", the specific itinerary has not come out, there are 30 million businesses and handed the registration form.
As a civil society organization, Wenzhou SME Development Association, why can have such a high appeal, cohesion and execution? In less from the eyes of a small building on the 3rd floor office, he accepted the Yangcheng Evening News reporter Zhou German interview ---
Around the Spring Festival, it is the busiest time ZhouDeWen. Last year, a series of investment strike, coupled with rumors swirling Hainan real estate speculators, the "private capital spokesperson" has been mind-boggling. Unwittingly, he shouldered the Wenzhou SME Development Association has full tenth anniversary, from its inception in 1999, Wenzhou Association has become the largest civil society organizations, with more than 2,000 members, is called the "second Economic and Trade Commission . "
"For me, the biggest interest groups," Zhou German straight to the point, "I do not speak for the workers, and I speak for SMEs." He is saying, in fact, he is doing so.
From the "rights" Start
Wen Zhou Dewen's understanding of the very place --- ants Corps. "Wen's Baotuan behavior, Wenzhou is also a long-term private capital accumulation process of the formation," he explains, the first time, the temperature's capital, through friends and family composed of a dime, "So, warm business with Businessman biggest difference to other places, and that is when they find opportunities when possession is not alone, but quickly came back Hupenghuanyou, organized into specialized teams opt for departure, just like ants. "
This is the reason behind the 750 billion yuan in Wenzhou legendary hot money. Russian "gray customs clearance" seized 5.5 billion yuan, 50 billion yuan in Shanxi coal mine quilt, Dubai real estate impairment 2.5 billion yuan, Hainan real estate to spend $ 5 billion, more than 3300 billion choose dormant ...... Wen business still able to raise overnight several hundred million dollars of capital. But, Zhou Dewen way to raise funds for such worried: "Strictly speaking, this is a loose capital funds, not the state standardized, not an accident, you can say walk in the gray area, it happened, and that is illegal fund-raising."
Shanxi coal bosses of raising funds, for example, if a small coal mines need to invest 200 million yuan, are generally formed by four shareholders invested 50 million yuan to raise funds from, each shareholder or to find 10 small shareholders, but the second layer shareholders do not participate in the production and operation, according to a fixed return or proportional distribution of interests, the layers down, the bottom of the shareholders may not know their own money to invest somewhere.
"This pyramid is generally divided into five layers, but this investment is not standard, but not protected by law," Zhou German though this concern, but after the outbreak of Shanxi, he put it up, is still "hurt too much!"
"Wenzhou strong external adaptability, good deal, belonging to the point of the sun on the bright type," Zhou German repeatedly stressed that "there's warm place, Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce will have to communicate with them, to safeguard the interests." It is reported that, in addition to There are more than 200 different places outside the local Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, which prefecture-level cities will have more than 180.
From the "problem-solving" Start
In Wenzhou SME Development Association's reputation is very large, which is a credit ZhouDeWen. In his words, is the use of political identity, assist in resolving various conflicts, to reflect the voice of the government, the civil rights people in politics to play the extreme, as laid dialogue between SMEs and government channels. And Zhou Dewen itself, is in Zhejiang Province People's Congress.
There was once a little-known story. A weekend night, Zhou Dewen phone suddenly received a membership: the other side is the fine crafts company responsible person, he has a number of fierce urgency of export gifts detained by traffic police. Zhou Dewen night drive 30 kilometers to the scene and found that the detention was made according to the law, the one cargo overload, and secondly, the driver has two driver's license. On the one hand delivery, on the one hand is the traffic police punishment, then, to the deputies and the president Zhou German identity and the traffic police to clear. Finally, the police decided: to release the detained goods, illegal vehicles and drivers to stay in the traffic police department to accept the punishment.
Things like this dime a dozen. Promotion of the rights report was also well read, "Promotion reason to grow very fast, partly because there is Association leader, able to firmly safeguard the lawful rights and interests of member companies ...... They were able to do so, It based on their political identity NPC deputies and CPPCC members. "
From the "Policy" Start
If the Association is a separate member companies to solve problems, so this is just a starting point, Zhou German said that they also depart from the case, the extension of public policy aimed affect all SMEs in Wenzhou.
In early 2005, Zhou German in solving problems found in a co-op members, cooperatives there are many difficulties in the survival and development, and so he makes recommendations to the government, causing the provincial government attaches great importance, followed by the relevant departments of the provincial government to proceed according to this proposal Professional development of cooperatives in solving the problems of farmers, on the "Farmer Cooperatives in Zhejiang Province Regulations" revised.