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Zhou Dewen senior economist, professor, male, Han nationality, born in July 1961. Zhejiang Jiangshan people. DPP members. Jiaxing graduated from college, worked in Fudan University, Hangzhou University law school, and was selected CPC Wenzhou Municipal Committee United Front Work Department, attend college Socialist Democratic Parties Zhejiang Province, young trainees in learning. He served in Wenzhou University specializing in international trade department director, lecturer. Dean is now working in Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, senior economist, President of the Council of Wenzhou private capital investment service center, CEO (CEO), chief economist, Wenzhou SME Development Association president. Concurrently: CAPD deputy director of the Central Economic Committee, Association Central politics guest researcher, expert member of the CPC United Front Work Department (expert), Vice-Chairman of the Global Alliance of SMEs, China Private Economy Development Association executive vice president of China Small vice president of business associations, deputy director of the China Committee of APEC SME Union, the vice president of the China International Cooperation Association of SMEs, China Private Economy Research Institute of Management Science and Guidance Center Deputy Director, Professor; Zhejiang private
Business Association executive president of investment, science and technology, US researchers at Washington University, a visiting professor at the Association Wenzhou City third, fourth and fifth vice-chairman, Chamber of Commerce vice president of the Federation · Wenzhou, Wenzhou City, the Eighth CPPCC Standing Committee, Wenzhou City People's Congress, Financial and Economic Committee, the Eleventh People's Congress of Zhejiang Province.

Major experience: long engaged in theoretical research of economic and corporate governance practices, follow-up study Wenzhou model to explore solving problems existing in economic development of Wenzhou, is one of China's private economy in Wenzhou City Development and the "Wenzhou model" of well-known experts, who newspapers and magazines in the country at all levels published more than 40 papers, edited (edited): "Wenzhou century classic," "Wenzhou businessmen cutting-edge," "Reading Wenzhou model", "Interpretation of Wenzhou businessmen", "Chinese samples" (two volumes ), "SMEs how to do," "out of the doldrums", "Who can give you a one hundred million? "," SME crisis management and risk prevention "," crazy renminbi "," financing Password "," the most cattle investors, "" the most cattle to buy a house guest "," Wenzhou Great Transformation "," foot - Disease crazy usury " "Wenzhou capital doing and you do not like," "like, like Wenzhou thinking", "Wenzhou financial reform - the Chinese financial reform Pathfinder -", "Government investment Guidebook" (upper and lower volumes), etc. monographs, video works and financial bestseller, the paper won the "National Seminar on the Theory and Practice of Management Science" Outstanding Paper Award, has been hired as CPC Wenzhou Municipal Policy Research Fellow, Wenzhou Municipal People's Government Economy Research Center, was Private Economy Research Institute of Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shenzhen Research Institute, Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiaotong University, Graduate School of Zhejiang University, Zhejiang Institute of International Studies, China Academy of Management Science, the Asia-Pacific Economic Research, Zhejiang Institute of Socialism, Zhejiang Chinese culture College, Jiaxing University and other universities appointed Chair, part-time (visiting) professors and researchers, as "Wenzhou capital" magazine president, has been "the Asia-Pacific Economic Review", "China Economic Report", "Contemporary Economy", "Enterprise and entrepreneurs "," Oriental Merchants "magazine editorial board or senior adviser hired, has been invited to go to Japan, the United States, South Korea, Finland, Singapore and China, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Central Business School and other universities to give lectures and speeches, propaganda and development of China's private economy in Wenzhou model, by the media as the "Wenzhou ambassador", "Wenzhou capital spokesperson." In pursuit of the perfect combination of theory and practice, 1993 resignation of the sea from Wenzhou University, served as general manager of Wenzhou Wei Lisi trading company, joint venture Wenzhou Weili Si Garment Limited (now China Zhuang Ji Group) General Manager, Zhejiang Julong Industrial (Group) Co., Ltd. President. 1999, he was president of Wenzhou Academy of Management Science, co-organized economy, administration, law, business administration, accounting and other postgraduate courses at the Graduate School of Wenzhou and Xiamen University, Wenzhou social and economic development has trained more than 800 senior professionals. In his spare time, actively participate in social activities, enthusiastic entrepreneurs solve problems, he spearheaded and led by the founder of two in Wenzhou SME Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd., who is known as the birth of Wenzhou SME guarantee institutions; and Zheshang Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, hired as an economic adviser in the Swiss consortium Holdings Ltd., China · World Investment Group hired as senior economic adviser; ZhouDeWen also more than 30 governments above the county level government hired economic development consultant, and should Sichuan Provincial People's Government and the people's governments above the county level in more than 30 invited lectures around, do a special report to local government leaders and entrepreneurs, economic development advice for the country, to provide decision-making reference, for the local emancipate the mind, changing concepts, vigorously the development of private economy, investment, promote economic exchanges and cooperation with the country of Wenzhou has made some contribution. As Wenzhou Municipal CPPCC Standing Committee, the provincial and municipal People's Congress and the democratic parties, active participation in politics, many key proposal was adopted by the government, and achieved good social benefits, "the establishment of Wenzhou SME guarantee mechanism as soon as possible," the proposal is eligible for Wenzhou CPPCC outstanding proposal, "suggested that the Government set up special funds for SME development as soon as possible" and other motion was Wenzhou Municipal People's Congress several outstanding bill and agreed to Wenzhou Federation awarded the "politics" outstanding achievement award, "crack SME financing difficult "by the CPPCC key proposals, and the Association Central Committee as" the politics of outstanding achievement award. " 2011 organizational strength, carry out research at their own expense, for the countries in the preparation of the "People's Republic of China private lending Law" (draft), "People's Republic of China Private Investment Promotion Law" (draft), the two draft laws in the country in 2012. " two sessions "to be submitted to the NPC deputies, the National People's Congress as a key proposal, included in the legislative program. October 4, 2011, Premier Wen Jiabao to visit Wenzhou research, participate in discussion named Zhou Dewen, ZhouDeWen reported 28 minutes, made five recommendations China's financial reform, adopted by the Prime Minister and the State Council, Wen Jiabao is called "Your system is proposed SME policy recommendations to address the problem, you are the most authoritative spokesman for the Wenzhou. " In 2012, its main written proposal "on China's small business financing system innovation" was named "outstanding CPPCC proposals." Given its deeds, has been occupied by the United Nations World Peace Foundation, the China Organizing Committee of the integrity of Miles, SMEs in Zhejiang Province Bureau of CPC Wenzhou Municipal Publicity Department, Wenzhou City Chamber of Commerce, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang and other units awarded the 2007 Research harmony Top Ten People in China, 2008 China Top Ten People in the private economy, the impact of three decades of reform and opening up, China's top ten economic figures, China Wen business Leadership Award, Zhejiang SME business instructor, Wenzhou Ten Outstanding Young, Wenzhou Excellent City Chamber of Commerce president, president of the Chamber of Commerce et al. 2010 Zhejiang Ten Outstanding Honor.