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Zhou good! The new year is most concerned central industrial restructuring, according to the material you provided in the form of an interview composed of interviews with experts. Because the theme of the next issue of imposition of SMEs to upgrade. Please read display.
About time, I came to Wenzhou, and then add one or two business case, and the local government in this regard as.
Transformation and upgrading of SMEs in Wenzhou:
Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of Wenzhou Manufacturing
                Interview ------- Wenzhou SME Development Association president Zhou German

Wenzhou as the birthplace of China's manufacturing industry, with 34 industrial clusters in production bases, more than 300,000 manufacturing companies, 99.9% are private SMEs. When the depth of the impact of the international financial crisis, Wenzhou, 20% of manufacturing companies in the suspension or semi-shutdown state, by contrast, a number of powerful large group was able to dominate in the cold.
As the world economy to pick up to the good, currently placed in the Lord of SMEs in Wenzhou, a prominent task is how to achieve business transformation and upgrading, bigger and stronger. To this end, the reporter visited the China Private Economy Research expert, vice president of the China Association of SMEs, Wenzhou SME Development Association president Zhou German.
Reporter: With the international economy pick up to good, Wenzhou SME manufacturing also showed a positive situation for the better, but the cost and foreign trade pressures still exist, how do you see the current environment for enterprise development and the development strategy?
Zhou German: Like most parts of the country, as most of the labor-intensive manufacturing Wenzhou light industry, are in the early days of reform and opening up developed by the family-owned enterprises, it is to adapt the product of the social environment.
Reform and opening up 30 years ago, the majority of private enterprises in Wenzhou have completed the "accumulation" and started to enter the "quality improvement." But this critical transition period, various macro-economic situation and their own personalized Wenzhou private enterprises in Wenzhou have to face the problem led to numerous challenges.
Wenzhou manufacturing enterprises, the current face of rising labor costs, raw materials, rising energy prices, the bottleneck severe land, many US, European Union and other developed countries to adopt anti-dumping, countervailing, technical barriers, special protection and other means of trade protection , our products exports more difficult, Wenzhou low cost, low price of manufacturing advantage has disappeared. This stage, the most important thing to in-depth business, speed up industrial restructuring, promote upgrading of products to break through the storm.
There will have difficulty turning point, there is only the development of turnaround, compared to other more severe region, Wenzhou, the accumulation of decades of industrial clusters and other advantages still exist, as long as the speed up industrial restructuring, there will be a qualitative improvement.
In the past, companies tend to pay greater attention to the "quantity" of expansion, and for the "quality" of the increase did not cause enough attention. In the current situation in this State to the place has a real awareness of the importance and urgency of this issue, gradually began to shift to the transformation of economic growth mode, adjust the industrial structure, to "quality" development. However, this process is a gradual process that requires a longer period of time.

Reporter: accelerate the implementation of Wenzhou manufacturing transformation and upgrading, which has a realistic and far-reaching significance?
Zhou German: accelerate the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector in Wenzhou, which is very critical, it is Wenzhou rapid industrial development towards internationalization is an important sign. In the trend of economic globalization, push forward, companies are undergoing changes, a quiet revolution is underway, through acquisitions and autonomous participation of foreign mergers and acquisitions, "reshuffle" to speed up industrial restructuring, through "going out" strategy, integration of resources I used worldwide to enhance strength.
Wenzhou enterprises are basically low-cost, labor-intensive industry, low income, are based on the amount of accumulation. This traditional mode of economic growth increasingly seems backward, Wenzhou economic growth has been among the province countdown. And promote industrial restructuring and upgrading to enhance its quality, improve the quality of help enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, international competitiveness, thereby creating a significant economic and social benefits. Wenzhou early years to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, promote the upgrading of enterprise products. 1992 Wenzhou proposed the "science and education" strategy. 2009, Wenzhou industrial transformation and upgrading has taken a substantial step, the Wenzhou city government has prepared ten industry restructuring and upgrading program of action in the valve, ships, clothing, electrical and other areas of integration and restructuring of 41 companies, the new common technology platform 11 , invention patents grew 86%, high-tech industry output exceeded 100 billion yuan. Also introduced a series of policies to support development of service industry, actively cultivate headquarters economy, promote the development of enterprises of the service industry, the proportion of tertiary industry totaled 45.9%, improved 2.1 percentage points. Pay close attention to the implementation of energy conservation measures, energy consumption per unit of GDP is expected to fall by 5%, chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions were cut by 3% and 4.6%. Which for the Wenzhou economy will be a big leap. We only accelerate the pace of industrial upgrading or transfer, to break the routine, to achieve the transfer of major strategic objective to be able to comprehensively promote economic growth in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, in order to make the country maintain its leading position in the demonstration, let Wenzhou never stand in the forefront of economic reforms .
Reporter: To promote manufacturing enterprises to upgrade, you can create conditions from what?
Zhou German: The government and relevant departments, multilateral economic organizations must create favorable conditions for enterprises of industrial transformation and upgrading, or provide some help, enterprises should also take this opportunity to accelerate and improve product quality and grades, and achieve big strategic shift towards industrialization clustering, large-scale development.
First, do the transformation and upgrading of the existing traditional industries. Currently, there are about 1500-1000 sizeable Wenzhou SMEs need to enter the industrial transformation and upgrading of the stage or the hope that this is the Wenzhou industrial future. Therefore, the existing manufacturing industry can not turn a blind eye, to actively support through policy guidance to help companies tide over their difficulties and do a good job QUICKER industrial upgrading, integration of large articles, encourage small and medium enterprises to the poor strength of the United Way, the formation of a industry groups to resist risks. Meanwhile, the government can also foster a number of leading enterprises, create a regional brand, construction of industrial clusters and other means, and actively promote the upgrading of traditional industries, and promote the traditional characteristics of industrial change from low to high end profit model profit model, to further consolidate its competitive advantage.
The second is to accelerate the development of emerging industries. To meet the new challenges, further strengthen Wenzhou manufacturing, it is necessary to actively cultivate new industries, especially to speed up the high technological content, good economic returns, driven by strong construction, low resources consumption, little environmental pollution projects. You can rely on the coastal industrial zone, and actively cultivate port petrochemical, light mechanical and electrical integration, new materials, electronic information, biological engineering, biomedical and other emerging industries. From the government on policies and resources to these enterprises tilt, and actively guide and encourage traditional manufacturing enterprises to the efficient, environmentally friendly, low consumption of industrial development, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.
Third, some of the backward traditional industries to accelerate the transformation and upgrading and renovation. For those with high pollution, high energy consumption, low output on illegal enterprises to conduct a comprehensive renovation, phasing out low productivity and low value-added industries. To develop high-tech industries, for energy saving, environmental protection and efficient emerging industries, from the policy and credit funds, land resources and other support to be encouraged. For qualified labor-intensive enterprises, to encourage industrial restructuring or migrate to the underdeveloped western regions to go.
The fourth is to strengthen self-discipline. Currently, some prominent industry disorderly competition, not only seriously affected the development of the industry, it is one of the factors that lead to international trade friction. Market economy gives companies plenty of space, but also a market economy is the legal economy, the company has only to follow the line about, comply with "rules of the game" to strengthen self-discipline, to orderly and healthy development.
Zhou German: Wenzhou manufacturing sector experienced pain after the industrial revolution, the process takes about 4-5 years of efforts, the industrial structure will become more rational, and then after 5 years of development efforts, Wenzhou private economy will show more strong vitality, efficiency, environmental protection, new energy industry development will be springing up. The reporter Deng Bu Ping