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Asian and African countries voted in 2014 to set up headquarters in Beijing by Mr. Zhou Dewen as the Chairman of the Board. Mr. Zhou Dewen current president of the Oriental Institute of Management Sciences in Wenzhou, Wenzhou private capital investment service center CEO, Chairman of the African Investment Club, Zhejiang Province People's Congress, deputy director of the Association Central Economic Committee, vice chairman of China Association of SMEs, APEC SME Union deputy director of China Committee, chairman of the Federation of Chinese New Silk Road Investment, Chairman of US-China Investment Association of China, the investment of private enterprises in Zhejiang Federation president, Wenzhou SME Development Association president.
     Mr. Zhou Dewen long engaged in economic theory and practice of business management, follow-up study Wenzhou mode and Wenzhou capital, Wenzhou Economic and explore solutions, the problems existing in the development of Wenzhou, the capital, is the study of the "Wenzhou model" of Chinese Private Economy cum-renowned experts First, the editor of "Wenzhou century classic," "Wenzhou businessmen happening", "SME how to do," "out of the doldrums", "SME Crisis Management and Risk," "like, like Wenzhou thinking", "Wenzhou sample "(upper and lower volumes)," Wenzhou capital dry and you do not like "," the most cattle investors, "" the most cattle to buy a house guest "," Wenzhou financial reform "," Who can give you a one hundred million "," Interpretation of Wenzhou businessmen "," foot - usury crisis, "" government investment Guidebook "(upper and lower volumes)" How to salvation - Made in China "more than 20 books, have a greater impact in the country. Was hired as "Asia-Pacific Economic Review", "China Economic Report", "China Economic Yearbook", "Business and Entrepreneur" magazine editors or senior adviser, by the media as the "Wenzhou ambassador", "Wenzhou capital spokesperson" . Has received "People's Daily", Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, and Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times and other media at home and abroad, known as China's most ground gas economists.
     Chow has been awarded the units of the United Nations World Peace Foundation, the South Newspaper Group, the China Enterprise Confederation, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Research, CPC Wenzhou Municipal Publicity Department, Wenzhou City Chamber of Commerce et al: Harmonious China 2007 Top Ten People, influence China's reform and opening up three decades of top ten economic figures, in 2008 China's private economy Ten Person of the Year, 2012 Top Ten People of Chinese enterprises and Chinese temperature Business Leadership Award, 2013 annual "Storm Zhejiang president," Ten Outstanding Young Persons of Wenzhou, Wenzhou Honorary president of the Chamber of Commerce and other outstanding title.